Premium Correctional Officer Belt Rig

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SKU TSL016076

Dimensions n/a

Quantity 1000

Condition Good

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Stored at BELT RACK

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TSL005111 Telescoping Baton Holder
TSL010134 Rubber - Vertex 537 Standard Police Radio - Long Antenna(Hard)
TSL001600 Belt Keeper
TSL007273 Police Detachable Key Holder With Key
TSL004618 Shaved - Handcuffs
TSL009926 Rubber Pelican 7600 NYPD LED Flashlight (Hard)
TSL005316 Inert - Mace Spray 1.5 oz
TSL005092 Leather 1.3oz Mace Holder - Black
TSL003981 Flashlight Case - Snap Retention
TSL007467 Radio Hand Mic
TSL010129 Rubber - Collapse Telescoping Baton 8"
TSL005045 Leather Radio Holster
TSL004613 Handcuff Belt Case


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