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The car is a character

Picture Car Services, LTD is a sister company to The Specialists. It is the largest East Coast supplier of automobiles and other vehicles to the motion picture, television and commercial production industries. For decades, PCS has been providing critical pieces to productions, while sharing its breadth of knowledge about how to properly outfit film productions for a successful shoot. PCS's vast inventory is centrally located, making deliveries quick and easy. The PCS team focuses not only on the look of the cars on camera, they also determine the type of glass needed in the vehicle, the rigs for the vehicle, the stunts the vehicle can do, and so much more.



Hollywood's eyewear specialists

Image Optics has been in the business of providing eyewear to actors and musicians for over two decades. During that time, they have earned recognition as the premiere eyewear stylists of the industry with their ability to show a very specific selection of eyewear to every client. We stock hundreds of pairs of eyeglasses, all curated and fabricated by Image Optics, offering the most comprehensive selection of eyewear on the East Coast.



A new design and construction approach

Like the modular toy set you had as a kid, the uses of ModTruss and its accessories are as boundless as your imagination. Designed for long term re-use, the revolutionary ModTruss products allow ideas that once took custom one-off fabrication to be created with modular, reusable “off the shelf” components. Modular by Design – Green in nature. The Specialists is an authorized dealer of Modtruss products, with an extensive inventory of products for rental or purchase. What's more, we use Modtruss equipment extensively in our custom builds, and offer consulting and engineering for projects that involve Modtruss.



Authentic storytelling that delivers results

The advertising landscape has changed. The shift to streaming movies, TV, and digital content means no ads and no interruptions. BEN puts your brand inside the content, so you can tell a bigger, more meaningful story. Our custom-built neural networks analyze content on every channel, predicting which shows will create an emotional connection that you can't get with traditional marketing. For the convenience of our clients, who are already making frequent trips to our facility in NYC, we work with Ben Products to make product placement easier and faster to access. Just call Ben product and tell them you want to pick up your order from us.