What sets our fabrication shop apart is the breadth of our capabilities plus the quality of our machine tooling. We offer extensive digital capabilities—including CNC machining, 3D printing, laser engraving, and a full-service print shop—all under one roof. These cutting-edge modalities exist alongside our more traditional services including mold-making, sculpting, blacksmithing, painting, welding, and woodworking. The backbone of our success is our team of highly trained experts in their respective fields. Each member shines brightly on their own, but The Specialists blows away the competition by harnessing their collective power. At the forefront of our practice is an emphasis on material knowledge, material excellence, and technology. Like a four-star chef, we understand the importance of raw materials. They are the foundation for turning ideas in to tangible things, and we’re constantly on the hunt for something new to unlock a unique structural or aesthetic effect. As for technology, we have an industry-leading fleet of 3D printers and CNC machines which we leverage to improve our speed and efficiency—but even more importantly, to expand what’s possible.