Materials: HDU, Acrylic, Steel, MDF, Die-cut vinyl

Technology & Techniques:

  • Fabrication: 3D modelling, CNC routing, manual metal work & welding, carpentry, paint & finishing
  • Graphics: Design, MCVP vinyl, UV printed acrylic

Creating a full functioning Citi Bike Station was not a small task. Our team of fabricators started with an off-the-shelf cruiser bike that closely matched the Citi Bike profile. These bikes were then deconstructed and painted with the appropriate blue color. Decals for branding purposes were later applied, and to complete the look, we built baskets and applied graphic banners on the front.

To create the bike station, the team used CNC-routed parts to create a weighty wood and steel base that was later painted gray and received its own branded decal application. Every bike fit perfectly into its dedicated spot to form a cohesive line just like is seen on the streets of New York City. The Citi Bike Station was fully completed with a backlit UV printed graphic.