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The following prop is a “Non-Gun”. Please see our glossary for an explanation of what a Non-Gun is and how they are implemented.

The Uzi is among the more popular submachine gun models that have been produced in modern firearm history. The Uzi was named after its inventor, Uziel Gal, who was a then-captain in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). The Uzi was developed during the late 1940’s and a prototype approved by the IDF in the early 1950’s. The original Uzi design has been the blueprint for famous variants such as the Mini Uzi, Micro Uzi, and an Uzi semi-auto pistol. Manufactured by Israel Military Industries (IMI) since 1951, the Uzi and its variants have gone on to be adopted by police and military forces in over 90 countries. The Uzi is often used as a personal defense weapon, for those engaged in close-quarters, and for non-front line military personnel. The Uzi submachine gun is blowback-operated weapon which fires either semi or fully automatic from an open bolt. Many Uzi models have either a telescoped or folding buttstock to accent the compactness of the firearm. This Non-Gun mimics the IMI Micro Uzi submachine gun.



Israel Military Industries


Micro Uzi

Firearm Length:

12 inches

Barrel Length:

5 inches

Blade Length:

12 inches