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The following prop is a “Non-Gun”. Please see our glossary for an explanation of what a Non-Gun is and how they are implemented.

The Model 92F and the Model 92FS are perhaps best known for their role as the standard pistol of the US Military, replacing the legendary M1911. Manufactured by the infamous Italian firearms company Beretta, the Model 92F (given the military specification of “M9”) was originally adopted by the US in 1985. By this time, many other countries had made members of the Model 92 family of pistols their standard sidearm in both military and law enforcement agencies. Originally, the Model 92 was developed during the first half of the 1970s and reached production in 1976. It is a short-recoil operated, locked-breech weapon with an aluminum frame and an exposed hammer. The magazines are double stack and can hold fifteen 9mm rounds.

The original Beretta Model 92 handgun is the platform from which an assortment of variants and configurations were developed for military and law enforcement purposes. One such variation is the 92FS Centurion, which is identical in nearly every way with the exception of having a shorter slide and barrel. This model was produced in limited numbers from 1992-1996.






Firearm Length:

9 inches

Barrel Length:

5 inches

Blade Length:

9 inches