Known for their rigorous training and meticulous execution on duty, Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) units are the elite units found within police departments nation-wide. SWAT units respond to a diversity of situations including terrorist threats, hostage-negotiations, serving high-risk warrants, and confronting heavily-armed criminals.

This package is ideal for fully equipping talent as an SWAT officer. Included in this package are the following items:
– One Primary Weapon (Rifle, SMG or Shotgun)
– One Secondary Sidearm
– Tactical Belt Rig with various accessories
– Leg-Mounted Sidearm Holster
– Ballistic Vest with Unit Patches
– Ballistic Helmet
– Goggles

Also Available Upon Request: Tactical Knee-Pads, Tactical Elbow-Pads, Weapon-Mounted Accessories (Scopes, Sights, Lights), Radio Equipment, Flashlights, Batons, Etc.

Note: We are able to correctly replicate local SWAT attire.