Basic NYPD 1950s Belt Rig Size 44

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SKU TSL501047

Dimensions 44" w

Quantity 22

Condition Good

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TSL001609 Belt Pen Police Holder
TSL001532 Baton Ring Holder
TSL000392 Holster - K-Frame 4" Barrel, Duty Belt, Swivel, Leather, Black
TSL001600 Belt Keeper
TSL007273 Police Detachable Key Holder With Key
TSL007282 Sam Browne Belt Size: 44
TSL005106 Leather Black Strap-On Handcuff Holder
TSL500736 Dummy Ammunition - 38 SPL Lead Nose, For Bandoliers
TSL005093 12 Bullet Loop Holder 38/.357 Cartridge


Rubber - Colt Official Police, Revolver (Hard Cast)

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